Press Release

InnoTech Systems, LLC is a proud winner of a competition to engage with SAN innovation laboratory located in San Diego airport to help with its business development. San Diego County Regional Airport Authority offers a unique setting for select companies that win the competition to overcome the challenges of the airport industry by providing:

1. Access to an innovation area which resembles an airport terminal and can be used to test our robotic platforms in an environment devoid of people

2. Possibility of transitioning to live tests in an active terminal of an airport serving some 22 million passengers annually

3. Substantial support for business development from SAN airport administration

4. Significant business development support from DETECON group with expertise in every facet of company incubation and acceleration through workshops and direct one-on-one interaction and advice

5. Information about the airport selection process inside-out and information on how to shorten the sales cycle

6. Connections with airlines, airport executives, and venture capital firms for business development not only in San Diego, but throughout the nation.”