Solution: Airport - Robotic

InnoTech has designed and developed an autonomous robot platform that provides a multitude of essential services to airports and other transportation hubs. Use of robotic platforms to perform many of the mundane functions significantly reduces airport operational costs. Increase in operational efficiency is inherent in automation, and fundamental to airline operations with tight profit margins. The usage domain of this autonomous systems is vast from providing aid for servicing aircraft to transporting and handling luggage and maintenance equipment. Some of the usage domain of our autonomous systems:

• Helping passengers navigate the complex structure of airports to find the services they need or be taken to their gates.

• Providing delivery services (foods, beverages, packages, …) inside terminals and administrative offices.

• Carrying luggage and other equipment for passengers and airport staff.

• Providing security services by monitoring various areas.

With our Autonomous Systems, airlines and airport operators can streamline their processes and operations and control costs.