Solution: Airport

Use of robotic platforms to perform many of the mundane functions significantly reduces airport operational costs. Increase in operational efficiency is inherent in automation, and fundamental to airline operations with tight profit margins. InnoTech Systems develops an assistive autonomous community of robots for a multitude of functions on the tarmac from providing aid for servicing aircraft to transporting and handling luggage and maintenance equipment. With our Autonomous Systems, airlines and airport operators can streamline their processes and operations and control costs. Autonomous robotic platforms are being designed with a number of features to provide a multitude of services to the airports and airlines:

Designer robots:

We have several body styles and color patterns under development providing customizability for multitude of purposes: a. Different airlines may choose different models and/or color patterns as their signature product distinguishing themselves from others; b. Airports may similarly choose different models and color patterns for instance to distinguish different categories of services (e.g., assistive robots to help passengers locate their gates, assistive robots to carry items for different vendors, etc.)

Modular Design:

All platforms are composed of: a. Base unit housing all the electronic boards and subsystems, motors, wheels, batteries, etc. b. Sensors including the antennas and optical communication nodes are distributed throughout the body of the unit. There are some distinguishing features like the 3D camera which are literally the eyes for the robot; c. Mid body of the robot has a flexible multi-purpose design. Some may have drawers to place items in, and some may be hollow d. The upper body is largely composed of what would be effectively the robot’s head. It includes some communication transceivers and sensors, but its main attribute is an i-pad or tablet like touch controlled graphic user interface e. Voice recognition and activation system is also currently under development allowing for a natural speech based communication interface between the customer and the robot f. Multilingual interface and voice recognition system is also currently under development. The goal is to communicate with the passenger in their native language once the passenger is identified, say via scanning their boarding pass

Embedded Security

The quintessential element under development in our platform is system security which is woven into the fabric of our design and manifests itself in: a. Fault tolerant and reliable AI system based on deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) b. Fully parallel redundant non-AI based subsystem composed of its sensors and processing unit to guarantee functional safety of the platform c. Embedded software reliability using standards developed for space qualification d. Provision of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) download link from airport Infrastructure to Robot (I2R) for secret key exchange needed to secure communication and information exchange between our robots and infrastructure.