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InnoTech Systems

Providing autonomous AI based robotic solutions and services for increased efficiency

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InnoTech Systems

InnoTech Systems, LLC was founded in early 2018 by Mr. Khashayar Olia and Dr. Fred Daneshgaran who have been collaborating on R&D topics at California State University, Los Angeles for several years before the company’s inception. Dr. Daneshgaran brings a wealth of experience from his involvement in several start up companies and his extensive R&D background in telecommunications, RF systems, VLSI, quantum electronics and photonics.

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Solutions for Industries:


Use of robotic platforms to perform many of the mundane functions significantly reduces airport operational costs.


Autonomous vehicles will transform the future of transportation in ways imagined and ways as yet unknown.


Passenger experience at airports, guest experience in hotels, and just about every environment where the human experience can be enhanced by providing hospitality, can benefit from our AI robotic solutions.


Hospital robotics solutions combine patient safety and state-of-the-art performance. Our platforms can provide 24-hour point of care service and companionship to hospital inpatients, plus a host of other services to the hospital staff.