Solution: Hospitality - Robotic

The hospitality world could reap great benefits from InnoTech Systems autonomous robots. We note that a quintessential element of hospitality service is a sense of personal care and one-on-one interaction and treatment. Up to now, such added services have been reserved for limited number of clients with significant financial means who could afford it, since such services are almost always inevitably provided by humans. Enormous cost savings are possible if even a limited degree of personalized and unique services could be provided by our robotic platforms. Imagine a personalized concierge robot that comes to your room to provide help and support on whatever entertainment you are seeking, a personalized robot you could fetch to go get you ice or deliver food to your room, etc.

With enormous shortage of nurses in hospitals, InnoTech System robots could fill the gap and provide a number of services usually provided by nurses (e.g., taking certain medicines to particular patients at prescribed times, or staying with a patient in a room for companionship, and the list goes on). While such robots cannot replace professional nurses, they can reduce their burden by performing remedial tasks that simply take too much of a nurse’s time, thus freeing the professional staff to perform other more important tasks.