Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Industry:

Airport - Robotic

Using robotic platforms to perform many of the mundane functions significantly reduces airport operational costs.

Transporation - Passenger Counter

Monitoring the number of people arriving at bus and subway stations provides vital information for transportation authorities to manage the traffic.

City - Traffic Management System

The Intelligent Traffic Management system helps city council to effectively manage the flow of traffic. Real-time traffic pattern generation and analysis are the prerequisites for development of smart cities.

Hospitality - Robotic

Visitor experience in theme parks, guest experience in hotels, and just about every environment where the human experience can be enhanced by providing hospitality, can benefit from our AI robotic solutions.

Healthcare - Robotic

Hospital robotics solutions combine patient safety and state-of-the-art performance. The robotic platform can provide 24-hour point of care service and companionship to hospital inpatients, plus a host of other services to the hospital staff.

Retail - Artificial Intelligence

Using advance machine learning algorithm to count the number of customers in stores, retailers and shopping centers can easily measure the effectiveness of their layout design and marketing campaigns.