Solution: Healthcare - Robotic

InnoTech has designed and developed an autonomous robot platform that provides a multitude of essential services to hospitals and clinics. With enormous shortage of nurses in hospitals, InnoTech System robots could fill the gap and provide a number of services usually provided by nurses. For example:

• Taking certain medicines to patients at prescribed times.

• Staying with a patient in a room for companionship.

• Carrying food, test results, patient samples, etc.

• Greeting patients and schedule appointments.

The main benefit to the hospitals is tremendous cost savings in freeing up professional nurses to do what they are trained for, rather than doing remedial tasks that do not need a professional training and robots could perform. Staffing shortages in the medical field continue to persist and there is no solution in sight to properly address the severe shortages in this field at all levels, from receptionists and nurses to doctors and everything in between. Equipped with some basic diagnostics equipment, our robots can also serve as self-moving portable test equipment going where they are needed rather than requiring patients to be moved from location to location.